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Average Housing Prices – Inner Loop Houston

houston inner loop average sales price

Wondering what the average home price is in Houston? Here’s the Inner Loop average sales prices in Houston, Texas by Alfredo Cavazos. See what single-family homes have sold for on […]

Addendum Concerning Right to Terminate

Addendum - Right to Terminate - homebuyer tip video

If you are in the market to purchase a home, there’s a lot of competition right now since we are still in a sellers’ market. Buyers are having to submit […]

What is a Leaseback? [Video]

what is a leaseback thumbnail

Understanding leasebacks If you haven’t heard of a leaseback, it is a temporary lease from either a buyer or a seller during a real estate transaction. They’re usually short-term leases […]

Interest Rates in 2022 with Kristi

houston interest rates in 2022 with kristi

Join us as Alfredo and Monica Cavazos have a quick interview with Kristi from Mid America Mortgage. Learn what home buyers should be thinking about as interest rates are set […]

Tips for those wanting to become realtors

tips for those wanting to become realtors thumbnail

Thinking of becoming a realtor? Here are some tips, insights, and considerations to think about before making a commitment. Intro Hello everyone! Hope all is well, just wanted to come […]