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How to Find a Good Realtor in Houston, TX

Buying or selling a home is a big decision and transaction that requires a lot of paperwork and game-time decisions. One wrong decision and you could make less money than you should on the sale of your home, pay too much for a home you’re buying, or even lose the home to another buyer.

To be successful in buying or selling homes, you need a good real estate agent in Houston. The right real estate agent for you may not be the right agent for someone else, though.

Learn what you should ask yourself and potential agents before hiring them to buy or sell a home for you.

how to find a good realtor houston tx

What do real estate agents help with?

Before you hire a real estate agent, it’s important to know their roles whether you’re buying or selling a home.

A Buyer Agent

When you’re buying a home, you have a lot of decisions to make, numbers to crunch, and communication that must take place.

The right real estate agent will:

  • Help you find homes within your budget that fit your needs
  • Negotiate the price with sellers
  • Handle all paperwork and communication with the sellers for you

A Seller Agent

Selling a home is just as emotional as it is financial. You want the most money for your home, but you also want the ‘right’ people in it. A real estate agent can be a neutral third party that understands the home’s value, how to get you the most money for it, and how to find the right buyers.

A real estate agent can help sellers:

  • Ask the right price for the home so it’s not over-valued, but not undervalued either
  • Filter out the ‘real’ offers from the fake
  • Handle all paperwork and communication with the buyers for you

Finding the right realtor in Houston

Now that you know what a real estate agent does, it’s time to find the agent that’s right for you using these steps.

how to find a good realtor do your research

Do your Research

A reputable real estate agent in Houston should be easy enough to ‘Google’ and get information on. Look for a reputable website, profile, and reviews from people that have used the agent before.

You can also see how many listings the agent has at one time or how many homes he/she sold. A busy agent usually means he/she is popular, which can be good or bad depending on what you need. If you like one-on-one attention non-stop, you’ll need an agent with a little more time available. But if you want the agent everyone else uses because of their success, the busier agent could be a good fit.

What clients we've helped say

Ask for Referrals

Getting firsthand experience from a friend or family member is the best way to find the right real estate agent. You’ll feel comfortable asking questions about the agent’s service and can trust your referrals recount of their experience.

It’s especially helpful if you get a referral from someone in your area who recently bought or sold a home in Houston.

how to find a good realtor ask for referrals
how to find a good realtor talk to your lender

Talk to your Lender

Most lenders work closely with real estate agents since they both are in the real estate business. Your lender may have reputable real estate agents they recommend.

You aren’t required to use the agents your lender has worked with before, but it can make for a smoother process when you’re going through the transaction if the lender and real estate agent have worked together before.

Interview Real Estate Agents in Houston

Whether you’re buying or selling a house, it’s an important transaction. You want only the best working with you, and the only way to find out about them is to interview them. We suggest interviewing at least three agents. Ask each of them the same questions, this way you have answers to compare to one another.

Common questions to ask realtors

It’s best to work with an agent who knows Houston well. This way you’ll find the area you want to invest in because when you buy a home, you invest in the area, not just the home itself. If you’re looking to move to Houston, then a relocation specialist may be helpful.

Every real estate agent specializes in specific areas. If you’re looking for fixer-upper homes, for example, you wouldn’t work with an agent who specializes in luxury homes and vice versa. Find out what areas the agent specializes in to see if it’s a good fit.

Before you ask this question, decide how you’d like to communicate. Do you prefer emails every time your buyer’s agent finds a home, or would you like a daily summary? When you’re selling your home, do you want up-to-the-minute updates or a detailed summary when the agent has something to report? Would you prefer to speak with a bilingual or Spanish speaking real estate agent?

Make sure your communication needs match what the agent offers.

Don’t be afraid to ask for references. In fact, an agent that won’t offer them should be avoided. Most real estate agents in Houston are happy to share their successes and have a laundry list of people willing to share their experiences.

Final thoughts on finding the perfect realtor

Finding the right real estate agent in Houston takes a little time and patience. Don’t use the first agent you stumble upon unless he/she checks all the boxes on your checklist. You want an agent that will provide the attention to detail you need, will listen to your needs, help you problem solve, and make the transaction financially worthy.

No two real estate agents offer the same services or have the same mannerisms. Do your research, interview agents, and figure out which agent will provide you with the greatest outcome.

We're here to help!

Please let us know if you have any questions about real estate in Houston. We’d love to meet and see if we’re a good realtor for you!

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