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11 Reasons to Move to Houston, Texas

Is moving to Houston, Texas a good idea? As locals, here are some of the things we love about our city from housing costs to education and nightlife. Here is our growing list of great reasons to move to Houston!

1. A Booming Job Market

reasons to move to houston boom job market

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Houston jobs have increased by over 100,000 positions year over year (as of July 2021). Houston is one of the nation’s 12 largest metropolitan areas and a great place to find a steady stream of new jobs. Below is a data chart for reference and link to the government website.

Houston is also ranked second for the most Fortune 500 headquarters in the nation. Job security and variety is a common and strong reasons to move to Houston in 2021 and beyond.

us bureau of labor chart

2. Low Housing Costs

reasons to move to houston low housing costs

Houston has some of the most affordable housing pricing compared to other major cities. According to, our housing cost is almost 20% lower than that of the top 20 most populous metros in the US.  New York is the highest at 435% and San Francisco comes in at 2nd at 238%. Below is a chart and source for reference. You can explore the newest and most affordable homes for sale in Houston here.

housing cost comparison houston

3. A Cultural Melting-Pot

reasons to move to houston cultural melting pot

Houston is one of the most diverse city in America with a variety of ethnicities calling it home. A report by WalletHub showed Houston as the number 1 city in terms of diversity in 2019. Their report took into account numerous factors such as income, age, education, and more. If you love variety and explorying different cultures then moving to Houston might be right for you. (Source:

4. Eat a Variety of Delicious Food

reasons to move to houston delicioius food

The nature of Houston’s diverse population is that it leads to a large selection of incredible food. Additionally that also leads to cultures mixing and creative fusion restaurants and food trucks popping up. If you’re a foodie, then Houston will be sure to delight you.

5. Home to Top Sport Franchises

reasons to move to houston sport franchises

Houston is home to the Astros baseball team, the Rockets basketball team, the Dynamo’s soccer team, and the Texans  football team. There’s sports games throughout the week for the fan in all of us.

Houston Sport Teams

6. Established Schools and Universities

reasons to move to houston universities

The University of Houston is one of the best schools in the nation specializing in business, hospitality and architecture. There is both a mix of public, as well as private options such as Rice University.

7. Affordability

move to houston affordability

As inflation hits and the cost of living increases, it’s important to find an area you can afford to live and Houston may just be it. The average cost of living is similar to the national average and much less than some of the larger cities in the US. The afforable cost of living is a big reason many move to Houston, TX.

8. Plenty of Malls if You Love to Shop

move to houston shopping malls

If you love to shop till you drop, you’ll love the shopping scene in Houston. You’ll find stores of all types and in all price ranges throughout the city giving you plenty of opportunities to find items that are right for you.

List of malls and outlets near Houston

9. It’s Family-friendly

move to houston family activities

Houston is one of the most family-friendly cities in the country. Unlike most big cities, it’s safe, economical, and full of enriching activities for kids of all ages.

10. Growing Music Scene

move to houston music scene

If you love music, you’ll love Houston for its musical opportunities. Their music scene is vast and there is always someone to see from a small-town local artist to big names such as Houston born and bred Beyonce.

11. Beautiful Parks

sam houston park photo

If you prefer life outdoors, you should give moving to Houston some thought. They have over 50,000 acres of natural reserves meant for walking, biking, or exploring as well as many more opportunities for outdoor recreation.

Amazing, public parks in Houston

Looking for more reasons to move to Houston?

reasons to move to houston considering

We specialize in helping people move from out of state into Houston. Whether you’re from California or New York, we warmly welcome you to our beloved city. Please let us know if our real estate agents in Houston can answer any questions or help you tour properties virtually.