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10 Backyard Features that Sell Houses in Houston

What are backyard features that help to sell houses in Houston? Here are some backyard transformation and tips to help you get more offers.

A backyard equipped with areas for outdoor living and cooking is a huge advantage in the spring and summer months. Backyard BBQs, birthday parties, pool parties, and any other celebration will be more enjoyable with a gas barbecue grill, outdoor brick oven, and seating for 10 or more.

What do buyers really want in a home? Besides the indoor features such as hardwood floors, a dedicated office space, and stainless steel appliances, buyers are looking for a functional backyard with a dedicated space for eating and entertaining.

Features That Buyers Look for

Patios, wooden decks, and outdoor kitchens are just a few impressive features that add value to a home and can be a deciding factor in the buying decision. With the pandemic putting a hold on most vacation travel, more people end up vacationing at home. When searching for a home to buy, one that has some of the same features as a luxury hotel (pool, spa, hot tub, etc.) is more attractive to buyers and will sell for a much higher price. Click here to see a list of the newest patio homes for sale in Houston, TX.

Outdoor Features That Entice Buyers


patio space - backyard feature sell house houston

Patio space

A patio and deck area extends the living space to the outdoors with a smooth flow. Guests can sit inside or outside, and still enjoy the beauty of nature as well as the flow of conversation. A large redwood deck with a seating area, table for meals and entertaining, and a collection of potted plants and greenery increases the home’s comfort value. 

landscaping - backyard feature sell house houston


The vision of a lush, green lawn stands out as one of the most inviting sights when pulling up to a home that is for sale. If your lawn is bare in spots, doesn’t really look like grass, or you have no lawn at all, seeding your lawn could help it grow in full and green. Landscaping techniques like seeding, laying sod, planting fruit trees, shrubs, and climbing vines can add that extra special touch to a home that already has a cozy feel.

water feature - backyard feature sell house houston

Water Features

Water features like fountains, koi ponds, and water gardens increase the comfort level and monetary value of the home. Swimming pools with outdoor shower area, built-in spa, and hot tubs add that luxury feeling that reminds you of being on vacation at a ritzy resort.

sprinklers - backyard feature sell house houston (1)

Irrigation System or Sprinklers

Installing an irrigation system for the garden and lawns is a great investment for your home that can increase its value by $3,000. It saves time and energy consumption for effective lawn maintenance. Having good access to water can increase your landscaping efforts, making the lawn grow in a shorter amount of time. It may be more of an investment upfront, but it will pay off later in a larger sale price.

outdoor living places - backyard feature sell house houston

Outdoor Living Spaces

More outdoor living spaces that extend the home’s functionality are gazebos, greenhouses, and garden spaces. Growing plants, flowers, or vegetables in your backyard brings in the beauty of nature and a feeling of being one with the universe.

Many people like to have an outdoor space for stretching, doing yoga, and meditating. Dedicating space for relaxation and exercise helps increase your home’s functionality and usable space.

privacy hedge - backyard feature sell house houston

Privacy and Security

Privacy features are an added benefit prospective buyers look for. A home with a wrought iron gate, a brick wall, or privacy fencing all the way around, lends a feeling of security to a home in a rural or country setting.

Adding a hedge, shrubs, or mature trees along with a privacy fence, can create a private area in your backyard where you feel secure and protected. This can add an additional $1,000 – $10,000 to your home’s perceived value, according to the Council of Tree and Landscape Appraisers.

These are just a few suggestions for adding value and functionality to your home. When it comes to home improvement, making changes like the ones listed above, can increase the value of your property and make a big difference when it comes time to sell.

backyard features swimming pools

Swimming Pools

Swimming pools are a great feature in the backyard that allows for many benefits. You can stay in shape by swimming and host parties to meet the neighbors. Click here to see homes for sale in Houston with a swimming pool.

Looking for more ideas for backyards to help sell your home?

Our friendly real estate agents here in Houston are happy to help consult. We can give you feedback on what we’ve seen on the market and help provide you with some data on homes with beautiful backyards.