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10 Best Tips to Sell Your Home in Houston

Wondering how to get a higher sales price? Here are 10 best tips to sell your home in Houston, Texas for more!

professional photography to market your home

Professional photography is necessary to market your house properly

You want to show your home in the best light. A professional photographer will bring out the most in your house. They can highlight features, angles and views that would be missed by an amateur.

professional videography sell property

A video tour can help you sell your property more quickly

Having a video tour can help you sell your home faster. It can help people see the property from a distance and get an idea of the layout even if they can’t visit in person. Our relocation specialists often rely on professional videography to help out-of-state buyers view homes.

optimal pricing for your home listing

Price your home listing optimally to get more offers

Many people price their homes based on the prices of other similar listings or arbitrarily. This can be a big mistake as you might not get as many offers as you would if you priced it optimally. Many expired listings we see are often a result of a home being mispriced.

home staging

Use staging to achieve the desired appearance to help market your home

Home staging can be as simple as removing all of your personal belongings and putting in a few pieces of furniture to make it look less empty. Additionally, minor renovations, such as paint and landscaping can improve the appearance of your home.

copywriting for home listings

Make sure your home listing content is as effective as it can be

Writing effective sales copy can help improve your chances of selling your home. In order to make your home listing as effective as possible, you want to ensure that all the pertinent information is included. This includes square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, location within the community/neighborhood as well as a description.

experienced real estate agents in houston

Hire a professional real estate agent to sell your home for more

Some people are uncertain about hiring a professional real estate agent to help them get the most for their investment. Hiring an experienced real estate agent who specializes in your area will give you the best chance of success. They will have a good understanding of the market conditions and be able to determine the value of your property.

comparing home offers analytics

Get the most value for your home by choosing the best offers

Since all offers often come with varying conditions such as option period, earnest money, loan type and more, you will want to understand your options clearly. An excellent agent can help you evaluate multiple offers and recommend one that meets your demands.

share your home on social media

Advertise your property on a variety of platforms for more exposure

There are many different platforms on which you can advertise your property. This includes online listings, social media channels, website features, broker open houses and more. By advertising on multiple platforms, you are increasing the chances of your property being exposed to a larger audience and lead to more offers.

Negotiate the best possible price for your property

Once you receive an offer, it is important to properly evaluate the pros and cons before accepting. Analyze the offer to ensure that it meets your demands and is worth moving forward with. If not, you can decline or counteroffer.

When selling your house, know what your requirements are

Have a clear idea of when you want to sell your home and what price you will be happy with. This will help you better evaluate offers and make a decision that is best for you. It’s also important to have realistic expectations about the market and what is achievable.

This may be the most important tip to selling your home because your happiness and expectations are set here.

Want more tips on selling your home for more in Houston?

Our real estate specialists are here to assist you in finding a buyer for your property. We are highly-reviewed and have been helping Houstonians sell their homes for over 20 years. Give us a call today!