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8 Benefits of Professional Videography in Real Estate

Are professional videos needed to sell real estate? Here are some great benefits expert videography provides when you’re selling a home or property in Houston.

Benefits of Professional Videography in Real Estate

Generate more offers for your home

With an beautifully shot video showing off the best qualities of your home, you’ll be able to get more exposure online and generate more offers to choose from before closing. Here is an example of a professional video we did for one of our clients.

Videography in Real Estate_ Show all the best features of your home quickly_

Show all the best features of your home quickly

People generally go online to obtain information on a home’s features, pricing and visuals. Adding video to your real estate website helps them do all three at once! You can also convey the necessary information in fraction of time as opposed text on page load times which means more people will see what you have offer without having wait for long paragraphs that are hard-to read because they’re too far apart from each other on screen size limit.

Increase your rankings in search

Search engines and listing websites, such as Google and Zillow are always looking to provide their users with the best content. By having an engaging video showcase of your home, you are given a chance to move up in rankings and gain more exposure.

Videography in Real Estate_ Increase Google Ranking
Videography in Real Estate_ Exposure YouTube

Gain exposure on YouTube

Video provides you an opportunity to show up on YouTube, which is the 2nd largest search engine next to Google. Additionally, videos tend to perform much better on social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and more. You can see our collection of home tour videos here on our official YouTube Channel.

Stand out from other home listings

While most home listings today have photography, much fewer have professional videography or 3D virtual tours. By having a well-produced video to show potential home buyers, you can set yourself apart from competing homes.

Videography in Real Estate_ Stand out on listings
Videography in Real Estate_ out of state buyers

Provide a virtual walkthrough for local and out-of-state buyers

A video can be a great way for potential buyers to tour your home virtually. With so many people moving to Houston, we feel that video and virtual tours are some of the best tools to market your home properly. We are experienced, relocation specialists so please let us know if you are looking to attract buyers from out of state.

Videos can be shared and re-used anywhere

Having great content, whether it be video or photography, gives you a permanent tool to market your home anytime. You’ll be able to share your home videos to Facebook, Google, Snapchat and more social media and search platforms in the future. The ability to share engaging content anywhere is one of the biggest benefits of professional videography in real estate.

Videography in Real Estate_ share social media

Final thoughts on the benefits of professional videography in real estate

At the end of the day, most home sellers are looking to get the highest price for their home. By getting more exposure and generating more offers through video, your chances of getting a higher price is increased. We strongly believe that each home deserves to be shown in its best light. Wondering how to proceed? We’re happy to help and provide a free real estate consultation.